Help| Designs Management

In this section, you will find answers to the related questions about designs on Vexls platform. We hope to help you, so if you didn’t find the answer you’re looking for or have any questions, please contact us.

Which designs can I create on Vexls?

Vexls gives you the chance to design logos, business cards, ID cards, and social media design.

How do I start designing on Vexls?

– First, decide which idea/design you’re looking for

Browse designs on  Vexls platform to choose your design from our collections

– Start designing immediately!

Where do I find designs and templates on Vexls website?

All designs are available on the “Browse Designs” page, or you can check the main categories at the bottom of the “Homepage” on Vexls website.

What should I do after choosing a design?

First, you need to login in with your account on Vexls or register for free if you don’t have an account.

– For free designs, just press “Start Design” immediately.

– For premium designs, you will have to upgrade your account

How do I use free designs?

Simply, click on “Start Design” and begin editing your design!

How to access a premium design?

– First, choose your pricing plan, which will give you points to use to unlock premium designs.

– After upgrading your account, go to the premium design and press unlock. Congrats, now, this design is available to use/edit it.

–  One unlock for each premium design

What is the next step after going to the design editor?

From the side menu, click on



– Then a list with the existing designs will appear. Select your design and start editing it immediately.

How can I download my design on my computer?

– To download design on your PC

On the right of the top menu, click on

How to save a design on the website?

From the top menu, click on “Designs”.

– Then press

– Enter the design’s name.

– The design will be saved.

» Where can I find the saved designs?

– From the top menu, click on “Designs”.

– Select the design you want to re-use.

– Now, you can start editing your design directly.