Help | Images Management

In this section, you will find answers to the related questions about using images on Vexls platform. We hope to help you, so if you didn’t find the answer you’re looking for or have any questions, please contact us.

How can I add a image or logo to my design?

– From the side menu, choose “Images”.




– Click on





– Then upload your image.

– All uploaded images will appear on the same menu.

– Select any image on the list to add it to the design.

Where do I find the free images library?

– Press “Images”




– Then click on




– Describe the picture with related-keywords in the search box.




– Also, you can switch between the “sharing/providing images” providers from the side menu in the search bar.

How do I add effects on images?

– From the top menu, choose the magic wand tool.

– Choose your effect.

– You can adjust brightness, saturation, and contrast from the menu.

– You can cancel all effects by clicking on “clear filters”.

How to clear the effects on images?

– Click on the image from the top menu.

– You can cancel all effects by clicking on “clear filters”.

How to remove the white background from images?

– Add the white background picture.

– From the top menu, click on

– Move the bar around to remove the white/black background.

How to crop an image?

– Click on the image.

– Press on the cutting tool

– Select the cutting area.

How to put an image inside the "Mask" shape?

 You can put an image in shape by following those steps:

– Add a shape from the shapes menu.

– Stand on the image.

– From the top menu, choose “Mask”.

– Then choose the shape you want from the list.