Help | Layers Management

In this section, you will find answers to the related questions about layers of design on Vexls platform. We hope to help you, so if you didn’t find the answer you’re looking for or have any questions, please contact us.

What do design layers mean?

Imagine every design as a plate, and every item on it is organized from top to bottom.

What is the importance of layers?

The importance of layers is to organize the design’s objects above each other.

Every object has a layer. All you need to know is where every object is, and which one is above the other if you want to display a hidden object .

How to put an object above the other?

– To move an object above or below another one

– Hover over the object

– From the top menu

– Press “Back” to move the object to the back.

– Press “Forward” to move the object to the front.

How to use the control corner handles?

– When you click on an object, control buttons will appear.

– You can edit the following from it:

– Delete an object

– Rotate an object

– Zoom in/out an object

– Duplicate an object

How to organize objects inside a design?

– Select an object

– From the right top menu

– Click “Object Position”

– You can move the object anywhere on the design board from these arrows.