Help| Text Management

In this section, you will find answers to the related questions about adding text to designs on Vexls platform. We hope to help you, so if you didn’t find the answer you’re looking for or have any questions, please contact us.

How can I add text?

– From the left menu, select “text”




– A side menu will appear. It is divided to two sections:

– The first section is for:

– Different types for writing

– The second section is for:

– The font types

– Select the font you need

– The text box will appear on the design

– Click twice on the text box

– The following box will appear

– Start editing your text inside it







– Then click “Update text”.

» Do Vexls provide Arabic fonts?

– Of course, we support a lot of Arabic fonts. All Arabic fonts start with “ar”.

How to change the text color?

– From the top menu, click on

– Choose your color

– From the same menu, you can increase the text transparency or add a new external font.

How can I adjust the text-align?

– Click on the text itself.

– On the left of the top menu, you can change the font.

– To adjust the text orientation:

– From the top menu

– Choose Text Align

Are there any additional changes for fonts?

– Changing Latin letters from small to capital

– Bold

– Italic

– Underline